• Robbinsdale homeowner since 2014

  • Grew up down south to a Minnesotan father

  • Chose Robbinsdale because of family ties


  • Previously held the job title of Developer Advocate with responsibilities to travel the world listening to the concerns of other programmers

  • Advocate for gender issues in the software engineering community since 2013

  • Stonewall DFL(LGBTQIA+ caucus) board member elected in 2020, re-elected in 2021 and 2022


  • Lifelong Democrat, active DFLer since 2016

    • Elected DFL State Convention Delegate 2020 and 2022

    • 2020 SD 45 Resolutions Committee Chair

    • Elected SD 43 Web Director in 2022

  • 2020 Biden campaign staffer (software engineer, tech team)



  • A home-owner, renter, roommate, and small, independent landlord all over the past decade

  • Experience living in 5 U.S. States and 2 foreign countries with various types of transportation and accessibility measures.

    • including the most bike-friendly city in the world, Copenhagen!

    • lived without owning a car for 3 years relying on public transport and rarely, car sharing.


  • Senior Software Engineer(Private Cloud) at Target HQ*

  • Gardener (mostly vegetables and lilies)

  • Cycling, running, and outdoor enthusiast

  • Owner to 14-year-old cat Susi (adopted in Berlin)

  • Pet foster since 2014 of 1-2 dogs and cats per year

  • LGBTQIA2+ 🏳️‍🌈

  • Hamilton College alumna

  • 2016-2017 Fulbright Grant Award to Denmark

    • first Computer Science recipient in 70+ year history of the program

*Target is non-partisan and does not in any way endorse or support any candidates running for office.